Quizit online
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Quizit is the best, fastest and the simplest way to get answers for quizzes on Quizizz, on any type of game. We have the longest uptime and many fun features, including but not limited to: support for links, kicking players, starting and ending the game, giving powerups, or even answering as other players. And you can use it for free.


Getting answers

Get answers for almost every question (excluding open-ended ones)

Kicking Players

Kick any player from the game with just one click

Starting the Quiz

Start the quiz at any moment. No need to wait for the teacher to do it

End the Quiz

End the quiz whenever you want, to prevent someone from finishing

Give Power-ups

Give power-ups to other players or yourself. Just remember to refresh your page to see them!

See Others' Answers

See the answers of other players and what place they are on